Agent: ‘Verratt国家最赚钱的项目i could join Inter or Juve’

Marco Verratti’s agent admits “both Inter and Juventus” could be an option but 网络外围投注&ldquo21点官网;Paris Saint-Germain真人外围投注 is an expensive boutique”.

It was rumoured earlier today that the midfielder has been identified as the , while Juve’s interest goes back to his Pescara days.

“Do you want to force me to say it? He could fit at both Inter and Juventus.”

“Marco wants to win, his career won’t just be marked by French League titles,” Donati Di Campli told Premium Calcio.

“We’d like to win with PSG, but if he can’t do that then we’ll see. Inter is a great club with great ownership, the same applies to Juventus and other clubs.

“PSG is an expensive boutique though.

Verratti has , but his agent hints a lack of European success could see him seek pastures new.