Di Cani投资一个项目怎么赚钱吗o: ‘I’m not a racist’

“My wife told me that Ludovico, our eldest daughter who is studying in London, was suffering very badly, even if she was trying to hide it because she loves me.

Di Canio has openly admitted to being a fascist in the past, and gave a fascist salute during his time at Lazio…

Paolo Di Canio insists “I don’t have racism in me”, but claims Benito Mussolini “did some good things” and won’t remove his DUX tattoo.

“I got the tattoo in 2000, in Bologna. I was playing in England and I was recovering from an injury.

“I hope to be given a chance, for people to understand who I really am. I have strengths and weaknesses, but they’re far from the photos with my arm [the salute].

“I believed in a social right, but I was never a card-carrier.

The former striker was in September last year after his bicep tattoo, a tribute to ‘Il Duce’ was visible on TV.

“I could have said that [that I was a fascist] in the past, but always with these distinctions. And now I realise that for some people who have suffered certain things, that can never be enough.

“My first thought is for the survivors of the concentration camps who I met, then for young people who carry out their ideas. They should be proud of that, provided they respect the ideas of others too.

“I was at home, with dark thoughts and sadness,” Di Canio explains.

“Will I remove the tattoos? No, that would be hypocrisy. A leftist friend once told me that they’re now linked to the romance and idealism of youth. Maybe it’s not that.

“Mussolini? There’s a before and after. He did some good things, but when he followed Hitler with the racial laws that all ends.

“For me Mussolini represented the idea of a society with rules which everyone respects. Love and patriotic pride. Things I wanted for my country and which I can’t see even now.

“Phil Spencer, my English agent, is a practising Jew; I was at his son’s Bar Mitzvah. I don’t have racism inside me, it doesn’t belong to me.”

“Am I still a fascist? I’d rather avoid labels. I’ve always explained my thinking, it’s not a mystery. But if you ask me about racial laws, anti-Semitism and supporting Hitler, these things make me shudder.

“The salute under the Curva Nord is the thing I regret most in my career. It’s sport, it’s stupid to make a political gesture which could be shared by some and offensive to many others.

“There were no seats, I told the guard that I was paying the maximum fare and yet I was standing just to go home. I wondered what I’d done to deserve such a thing.

“I should never have done that, sport should stay out of certain things.

“When it happened? I felt wounded pride, I didn’t even know what social networks were. I felt like a leper. I got on the first Frecciarossa to Rome.

“I said I was sorry, not that I’m a saint.

“The young Di Canio would have reacted differently, but now I’m almost 50. I’ve learned to put myself in the other person’s shoes, to reason with them.

“My three brothers vote on the left. My father Ignazio was a Roman stonemason, the Nazis shot at him for stealing cheese. When San Lorenzo was bombed he went around with his cart to give what little he had to the homeless.

The former West Ham striker looking to explain himself, why?

“There are many people who have the right to be offended by the display – however unintentional – of these tattoos. And a big company like Sky has the right to not be associated with symbols they don’t share.

“What I carry on me are symbols of what I’ve been, of what I’ve done. Including mistakes.”

“I can’t convince everyone, I know there are some labels which will never go away. But I carry my head high, my daughters know who I am.

“We had to shoot a promo video. If I’d been wearing a suit then this whole thing would never have happened. That’s life.

“Look at Trevor Sinclair, the genius of Shaka Hislop who ended his career as a goalkeeper to become a nuclear engineer. Chris Powell. Teammates, friends, lads of colour.

“I wondered what I coul网上21点d do, to explain my thoughts once and for all. It was the Jewish community who were most affected by my involuntary display. I can only bow my head in front of them, so I picked up a pen and paper.

“Why did I do it more than once [at Torino and Livorno线上足球投注]? To provoke, out of anger. They threw stones from the stands, they sang songs with terrifying insults against my parents.

“It wasn’t my choice though, and I’m still p六合投注网站aying the consequences today.”

“It was still summer, I was wearing a polo shirt,” Di Canio said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.